I started my business Mindpalace in the beginnig of 2017 and I am based on Salt Spring Island, on the West Cost in Canada. Why "Mindpalace"? As a Graphic Designer you have to have a lot of good Ideas. An idea is created by brainstorming in your head, while looking at your customer,  almost like a detective, to unearth the customer‘s personality, behavior and style. After looking at every little detail of what and who the design will be for, the actual art is putting it on paper and presenting it. This process goes from the customer‘s wish over into your idea, and transfer needs creativity and time. I called my business Mindpalace because of the thought process of my daily work. Also I always admired Sherlock Holmes and how he went into his, what he called, "Mindpalace" to really analise mysteries and people.






I was born on the 17 of May in 1994 and grew in the Blackforest region of Germany. When I was 5 years old, I started playing Cello and found my passion in Music. With 13, I began to teach myself how to sing, and over the years joined a few Orchestras and Bands in Germany, such as Urban Connect and Sudden inspiration. Also I grew up in a very musical and artistic family, so I always enjoyed painting, drawing and making everything as pretty as just possible. I went to different schools that brought me more and more into the world of Art, and tought me about music as well as design and art history. Also I studied graphic Design and Photography, which was leading me to the desition of starting my own business. After my study I moved to Canada where I married a Canadian. I absolutely fell in love with the people, the country side and everything that comes with it. I joined a Newfoundland singer called Allison Crowe in her new Band "Allison Crowe and Band" and opened my own little Business called Mindpalace. Canada has helped me to commit to adventures and to follow my passion.