I was born in the blackforest of Germany. When I was 5 years old, I started playing cello and found my passion in music. With 13, I began to teach myself how to sing, took a few singing lessions. Over the years I played in several school orchestras and bands sang in a few bands, such as "Urban Connect" and "Sudden Inspiration" in Germany, and "Allison Crowe and Band" in Canada. I grew up in a very musical and artistic family, so I always enjoyed playing music, singing, painting, drawing and making everything as pretty as just possible. I went to different schools that brought me more and more into the world of Arts, and tought me about music, design and art history. Also I studied graphic design and photography at the "Academie of Commuications" in Pforzheim Germany, which was leading me to the decition of starting my own business. After my studies, I moved to Canada where I married my husband. I absolutely fell in love with the people, the country and everything that comes with it. My hustband and me build a house on Salt Spring Island with the help of family and friends, and I opened my little business "Mind Palace". Canada has helped me to commit to adventures and to follow my passion.


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Celine Sawchuk

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